Friday, 8 April 2016

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Review

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Review

I believe you when you say you love eating healthily as much as I believe you when you say you woke up like that. You lying fabulously svelte individual. No one loves eating healthy food; you love your reflection when you look fit AF following a diet of instagram worthy avocado and poached eggs, seeds of some variation and the obligatory nutribullet / juice phase. Well thankfully throughout April Hard Rock Cafe's Rock N Roll brunch is the anti-avocado bringing fat and order back in the world.

Sunday is about eating your way out of depression over the impending working week ahead. I've been to brunches that's served portions that encouraged involuntarily dieting but as an American chain, Hard Rock Cafe on Old Park Lane know a thing or two about total lack of meaningful portion control.

Let's get hydrated first though on bottomless mimosas and bloody mary's. Yay.

Make sure your arteries are cleared before you enter because it's going to get clogged up pretty quick hereinafter.

Hard Rock Cafe Review
Let's prepare the stomach first with pancakes and bagels first though

Hard Rock Cafe Brunch Review
This place isn't for the delicate and pretty. It's for loosening your jeans after over-eating on the mountain of pancakes, laughing with friends, having no social decorum while you eat chicken with your fingers (and not thinking that it's unsuitable to eat fried chicken before midday), much drinking and listening to a loud and badass band play live rock music.

Combined with crazy and fabulous rock memorabilia adorning every square inch of walls and corridors, Hard Rock Cafe is one memorable place for your Sunday brunchin'. 

Avocado and poached eggs for the week ahead now.

Thanks to Hanhabelle for inviting me :-)

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