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Dirty Blonde Brighton Cocktail Bar Review

Dirty Blonde Brighton Cocktail Bar Review

I'm a bridesmaid to my lovely friend and it is an honour to be asked to help towards probably one of the most happiest days of her life.  However, I think I took it a little too seriously with regards to the hen do and did become a pretty scary hen, sending demanding emails...and sending follow up demanding emails.  I'm quite surprised I didn't turn up with a whistle and stop watch monitoring and timing the fun-having.  On a serious note, the hen do appeared to have went well which included going to Dirty Blonde for a quick cocktail after dinner.

Dirty Blonde is my kind of place in many ways.  It's a boutique cocktail bar and the quality and thought really shows through.  Plus it's quirky for a boutique bar, with birds, ventriloquist dummies and top hats being casually (as opposed to uncasually...I know that word is being overused a lot these days.  Sorry.  Not sorry...haha) used as decor.  

Dirty Blonde Brighton Cocktail Bar Review
Even their toilets are so cool.

I was being unusually classic, despite a very extensive cocktail list, I decided to go for a Porn Star martini.  As usual, it was beautifully presented, sweet and delicious.

Dirty Blonde Brighton Cocktail Bar Review

As I said, in many ways Dirty Blonde is just my sort of place.  This is the kind of place where you need to be looking damn hot to get through the door and as such great for a really nice birthday (they also have a restaurant there) or if you wanted to really impress a date.  In other ways though, it's a start of the night place.  We did always plan to go to Pitcher and Piano just across the road because you know the music they'll be playing is bound to include Katy Perry.  I loved the music in Dirty Blonde but more for atmosphere and it's definitely not a place that you would throw some crazy shapes and nor would I expect it to.

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  1. Dirty Blond does look like a fun venue and I like a Porn Star cocktail as well lol!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle