Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Happiness Forgets Bar Review

Cocktails come in many alluring guises. It can be sophisticated and elegant, quirky and experimental or just lively and good fun. If Happiness Forgets was a person, they'd be fun Bobby.

I love Google's description in Google Maps "Tiny, low-lit basement cocktail bar". You can't argue with that mister. But what character. What style. I go below ground which is just so east London (after performing the rite of passage that is going into the restaurant on the ground above and being nicely ushered out) and enter looking like a drowned rat but the waitress looks at me like I'm a superstar and I manage to get the last 2 seats at the bar before it really starts filling up.

It's intimate as hell, with that low lighting that would facilitate thrilling clandestine meetings (which may or may not involve a trench coat) but utterly useless for taking photos (how dare they). That, and the music and bartenders wearing braces with their mad cocktail shaking creates that frisson that only happens at the start of a Saturday night out. The kind where you know you'll drink too much and get up to much and while you may forget some moments of the night, this place you'll most definitely never forget to be happy.

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