Monday, 13 October 2014

London Sky Bar Cocktail Bar Review

London Sky Bar Cocktail Bar Review

Yes sir, I can boogie.  But I need a certain song...and that certain song can hopefully be found at a silent disco where you get to antisocially dance along to all the songs you like best by flicking between 3 music channels.  I'll leave the Grease mega mix to you guys as I'll be found throwing shapes (yup I said that) to the house channel.  My ridiculous addiction to silent discos led me to Vauxhall to the Millbank Tower to Altitude but not before a quick cocktail in London Sky Bar

London Sky Bar is only a mere 28 floors up (I'm use to hanging with the angels darlings) but nevertheless offers a pretty stunning view of London and is on a side of town I don't usually head towards - I genuinely didn't know Tate Britain was around Vauxhall, uneducated fool.  It was still pretty early which meant I got to climb into the egg chair and also get a seat which offered amazing view of the Shard in the distance.  On the windows, it had an outline showing you the key buildings on interest.

London Sky Bar Cocktail Bar Review

So I usually have the most rigorous tracking in place for this blog.  Dealing with alcohol and knowing I'm likely to forget the very next day means I have to record exactly what drink I had.  However I seemed to have utterly failed in this instance and coupled with the fact I went here last month, I cannot unfortunately tell you with confidence what this delightful drink is.  However it was lovely and I'm mortified at my sloppiness in this case.

Millbank Tower is a lovely bar with beautiful views of London.  As it's not in the part of town people would instinctively go to on a Friday night, it was pretty quiet (we got there around 9pm which is still early I guess) but I suppose it does mean you're not jostling for a decent view which I suppose is the main reason why people go.  The silent disco was on the floor above and I didn't go back down to the Sky Bar to see how busy it was but maybe leave it a little later and it's probably a really fab atmosphere.  Good date venue, good dressing up and catching up with friends venue and a good hanging out with baby bro venue.


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    1. Yeah I love the service there too. Unfortunately I might not be the best person to recommend places for a bachelor party but good luck finding somewhere and hope you have a great time!