Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cocktails at Raffles Chelsea

Cocktails at Raffles Chelsea

Private members' club; condescending, exclusory and expensive.  Doesn't stop me from wishing I was part of one though (if only I had the money and background to back up my snobbish attitude).  Therefore I was very happy to be let loose in the beautiful Raffles club in Chelsea.  

That's because they opened their doors and let a herd of beautiful, immaculately dressed girls glide in...followed by me.  They were hosting a "Girls' drinks" night for bloggers - Raffles style which means not a Lambrini bottle or Collection 2000 in sight but instead complimentary premium cold-press juice, cocktails and popcorn and as if that wasn't enough, Benefit and Skinade goody bags.

The club itself is a lovely intimate size, although I was trying to get my head around the logistics of the seating area in the middle of the dance floor.  How does this work in reality?  Seated among the dancing bodies?  A cheeky / accidental lap dance?  Maybe I should stop spending further time thinking about this.

I'm Asian so it is genetically part of me to like taking photos but I would say in the last few months I have been a fervent follower of the selfie movement, exacerbated by me finally buying a smart phone at the beginning of the year.  Raffles was an excellent venue that facilitated my current conversion to narcissism.

Cocktails at Raffles Chelsea
Exhibit A - the middle of the dance floor seats that's causing me confusion

Cocktails at Raffles Chelsea
Exhibit B - this was the toilets.  Quite possibly the loveliest ladies room I have been in

Cocktails at Raffles Chelsea

The complimentary cocktails (and they certainly kept them flowing at Raffles) was a concoction of vodka, ginger beer and mango. It was refreshing and sweet but the ginger zing kept it punchy rather than too sweet.

The staff at Raffles were attentive, friendly and helpful and I could weep that I may not be darkening their door again but I'm glad I was allowed a little whiff of Chelsea life.

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  1. great write up! love the filter on the snaps!

    Hanh x