Tuesday, 22 March 2016

100 Wardour St Cocktail Bar Review

100 Wardour St Cocktail bar review
Downstairs bar of 100 Wardour St
I've been living a frugal lifestyle lately and my friends - and anyone who had the misfortune of wandering into my eyeline - have been forced to listen to how hard I'm finding it not spending money ("oh so this is what it's like to be poor". Even I'm surprised no one's slapped me across the face. Yet.). This does therefore mean that when I do have social plans I like to make it worthwhile. This weekend I allowed myself an "entertainment" entry to be made in my spend tracking app as me and my bestie had a quick cocktail in 100 Wardour St whilst waiting for friends.

100 Wardour St is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Florita's. Literally, as Floridita's was unfortunately destroyed in a fire last year. I remembered seeing people all over twitter talking about it at the time (because I follow an almost obscene number of cocktail bar accounts so every time I log on it just makes me permanently thirsty).

I'm quite sentimental to Floridita and Carom. Carom (the Indian influenced restaurant cocktail bar on the main floor as you initially enter) was modern and full of cool people (cue my social awkwardness). They made a rose petal and lychee martini that tasted like the nectar of life and could possibly be the cure for unhappiness. Floridita down the stairs was crazy and noisy and lively with novelty cocktail glasses and even one cocktail coming with a disclaimer (only one per person allowed) but it wasn't tacky; just a really lively atmosphere.

However, 100 Wardour Street probably had the same "new year, new me" like the rest of us did (maybe they also thought about eating more veg and hitting the gym). It got all classy and grown up. We were there on a Saturday night. Very first dates / special birthday meal out with friends / LBD kind of place. I had a view of the stairs and saw lots of ladies ambitiously negotiating down them in heels that probably was on par with Gisele's leg measurement (says the old, poor, envious woman. Where's the emoji with the single tear when you need it...).

However, perhaps it was because it was only 9pm ish before the band were there and the place filled up but it was kind of...samey. The look and feel of it is classy, excellent service yadda yadda but it didn't feel distinctive and I haven't quite figured out what it's soul is. And I only saw ONE page of cocktails which made me nearly fall off my classy bar stool. The rest were wines and spirits (although afterwards I checked online and I saw there were 2 pages. My bad. They also call themselves a restaurant and club to be fair).

I'm glad we saw what it was like post Floridita's / Carom and the drinks we had were good. I'd be interested to see what it's like for dinner or maybe a brunch but for the cocktails, London has spoilt me so much that good is no longer good enough.

Tough review? Have you been there and what did you think of it?

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