Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Alchemist Cocktail Bar Review

One night a while ago I was already in my pyjamas probably watching videos of funny cats and dogs on my phone when I was then sent a photo from my friend of a bartender making a drink with the message "we have to go here - dry ice everywhere!". "Here" was The Alchemist

I am a big fan of cocktails that are created from theater (Purl and Lounge Bohemia are particular favourites of mine) and The Alchemist (by the name already) suggests these guys know how to concoct a drink or two. Then when you look at the menu, it verifies that a trip here is something you won't forget.

Indeed the bar is only a short walk from Aldgate tube and walking in it was a haze of dry ice, oohs and aahs and bankers (I'm the tourist in the city so I'll shut up) and I could see laboratory glasses and bunsen burners on the bar. You know that feeling when you walk into IKEA and you want to look and touch everything? The Alchemist is the alcoholic IKEA but then ridiculously better.

The Alchemist Cocktail Bar Review
Concocting the Hot and cold expresso tini

The Alchemist Cocktail Bar Review
The colour changing one. The theatre (see ooh and aaah inducing dry ice below) made up for the fact that the drink was OK

The Alchemist Cocktail Bar Review

The Alchemist Cocktail Bar Review
I would heartily recommend the Indigo Sunset but that's because I have a ridiculous love for rose & lychee 

The theatre of the Alchemist makes it well worth a trip for a couple of drinks and I was fond of the Indigo sunset. We got there right in the thick of things so missed out getting a seat / table which would have been good but the bar is well spaced that we never felt crowded in. I would definitely like to go back and try some of the other ones as well.

Avoid the woo woo, I ordered it hoping it would be a cool twist. It isn't.

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