Sunday, 13 October 2013

Drinks at the Zetter Townhouse

It was London Cocktail week and I was on antibiotics which kind of sounds like something Alanis Morissette should have worked into her lyrics.  It was actually my friend who reminded me I couldn't have cocktails because I totally forgot.  Bah.  Killjoy.

However other than the obvious reason, I didn't get involved with London Cocktail Week.  We needed to loiter around Holborn as we were going to Bea's of Bloomsbury  for afternoon tea before seeing Top Hat at Aldwych so we thought we'd use the time to go for cocktails just to add a dimension of girliness because it was currently far too masculine.

We had to cast the net because there wasn't anything we liked the look of in Holborn other than Bounce but some of us (I use the royal some of us as I've only been there once) had been there a few times already and wanted a change of scenery and Clerkenwell throw us a little gem in the form of Zetter Townhouse (49-50 St John's Square, EC1V 4JJ).  This did, however, mean me revising my planned shoe attire to be more appropriate.  How tedious to change your shoes because of a little thing called being comfortable.

Zetter Townhouse when you quickly look at it, is beautiful.  It's the kind of place that makes me want to march in wearing a fur stole, red lipstick and demand a stiff drink (sorry I'm kind of in love with the recent 'The Great Gatsby' film).  Either that or drop by with a calling card or whatever the Bennet girls did when they went on their visits and meekly look at men whilst hurrying away.

On closer inspection though, it's a delicious surprise.  I expected the odd touch like bookcases also being a doorway (check) but I didn't expect it to be weird.    Miley likes to twerk.  I love the quirk.  So in my mind, it went from wearing a fur stole with red lipstick to mismatch tweed and a faint air of confusion.  Possibly clutching an inflatable crocodile under my arm.  This is exactly the kind of place I want when I'm a batty old woman.

I may not have had the chance to go to Bounce but I got the table tennis (and I'm still as terrible as I remembered).

The cocktail menu was concise but a good variation.  Next time I'll be trying the Flintlock and Les Fleurs Du Mal but I was happy with my homemade raspberry lemonade and also kettle tea.

Sam had the Master at Arms which is the belle of the Zetter Townhouse ball.  I didn't take a photo of it - probably out of jealousy - but I did come across this article which shows how to make the drink.  The bartender also took the time to explain their unique port evaporation process where the botanicals and flavour is retained because the evaporation is over a rotating encased globe rather than open (hope I explained it properly or else I imparted some incorrect information, oops).  Between the deep red drink and the rope around the coupette, it kind of looked like a murder weapon ("It was Professor Mustard using the Master at Arms!!").

The Zetter Townhouse is a gem (and I saw plenty of those around Hatton Garden).  The staff were great, the food and drink was delicious and the atmosphere is great for catching up with friends or possibly impressing/scaring someone.  I will be back again and next time it will be a stiff drink.

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