Sunday, 27 October 2013

Searcys Club The Gherkin Cocktail Bar Review

I live in zone 5 so that classifies me as a Great(er) Londoner.  Yes, I'm trying to lay a more glamourous claim on my residency in the "grey zone".  Perhaps I should be smug and revel in that fact that I avoid the cost of London living yet I can easily get in and out of the capital.

Which means my hard-earned money can be spent on enjoying London life and and this week I was at the Searcys Club | The Gherkin.  I've been to a few places with a bar with great views across London but there's something satisfying seeing London landmarks from a London icon.

Searcys Club The Gherkin Cocktail Bar Review

I've been here before about a year ago meeting the same friend as I did this time (and the very person who inspired me to write a cocktail blog because she saw that I seemed to have a penchant for them).  It is of course possible for Joe Public to have a drink at the Searcys Club if he's willing to pay the rather handsome membership fee but my friend works in the building which is why I was allowed the privilege (although she's leaving soon which is why I rather hastily and persistently requested we meet there for drinks).

Searcys Club The Gherkin Cocktail Bar Review

I had a Posh Masso.  Oh look, it has lychee juice in it.  However, given my lack of tolerance of spicy food, the chilli overwhelmed the poor lychee juice a little and even the rum.  However it was still an enjoyable drink.

The Searcys Club | The Gherkin is a wonderful place to have a drink for a Friday night.  Thankfully the other people there were just as touristy as me and also taking lots of photos.  We then left the main bar to the viewing platform where we spent quite some time taking in the beautiful London view. 

London - I have never loved you more.

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