Sunday, 10 September 2017

Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour Review

Mention the word 'gin' to people and their response falls into the following 3 very specific camps:
1. "I remember when gin was really old-fashioned and no one drank it and now it seems to be really popular". We call these people 'old'.
2. "I've always liked gin way before it became fashionable and everyone started drinking it" *shudders delicately with disgust*. We call these people 'dicks'.
3. "I just like drinking and gin seems to be everywhere". We call these people 'heroes'.
And gin bars are indeed sprouting up everywhere and it was around last year when Mr Fogg's (you know, the one with the hot air balloon casually suspended in the corner) expanded his ventures from Mayfair to Covent Garden with a gin parlour boasting an inventory of 300 varieties of gin.

Once you get up the stairs, it's pretty cosy chops so it's a mystery where they've stored all the 300 types of gin but it's super quirky and fun, exactly what you would expect from the flamboyant Mr Fogg's. The staff are in costumes and the place is covered in...stuff. So much stuff. Mad Victoriana, chintz, bottles of gin, I think there was a hat somewhere.

Cocktails are around £13-£20 which given the atmosphere and location is to be expected. Obviously we had gin cocktails (or libations as Mr Fogg so deliciously calls it) but there are plenty of other choices and indeed plenty of gin to choose from their gintonica. Fabulous tasting, great service and it's just a whole lot of silly indulgent fun. A great start of the night place for Saturday night drinks. I also spy a G&Tea (I love a pun!) and gin masterclass so how's about for the sake of research, I head back again and let you know how it goes because after all I just like drinking gin and gin seems to be everywhere.

The Payday Cocktail Club

The Payday Cocktail Club
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