Friday, 28 October 2016

Circus Restaurant Review

Cocktails at Circus Restaurant Review

Once upon a time when Southern Rail and the RMT Union were hanging out and being cool, I went into London quite frequently. Then they had the mother of all spats and now the children are crying and tea isn't on the table anymore so it halted my London jaunts for a while. But in between the plate throwing, I went to Covent Garden to have dinner and drinks at Circus.

Entertainment acts between dinner reminds me of work Christmas "do's" (I recently had to explain to Dutch colleagues the concept of a "do" which is a weird word when you really think about it) where you have to politely acknowledge the hard working efforts of the performers. If I'm mid eating, I have to do that thing where I'm clapping my hand against my arm / anything to create an applause while I eat another pig in blanket. At Circus though, food is getting in the way while I want to see the acts!


Cocktails at Circus Restaurant Review

When an act is about to come on, the shutters creaks down to close the kitchen off - like primary school (which I found utterly hilarious). Other amusing things are you will think you accidently walked into the gents when you go to the toilets and the drag queen coming out in a pink slip singing a Olivia Newton John song.

Hey beautful

Cocktails are priced around £10 which is expected for a restaurant around Covent Garden. They have signature cocktails as well the classics. I tried a Circus cocktail as well as my old faithful rose and lychee martini. Food was divine. Stand out dishes included the black cod and the salt and pepper squid. You have to order 2 courses so we went starter and main...but then totally hit dessert (you know when something is inevitable but you totally deny it until the end "I don't think I'll have space for dessert at all" Yeah right).

Be there to be seen. I was major girl crushing on the diners. Everyone looked stunning. Get your best outfit on and try to round up about 10 mates because then you can get the big table where all the action happens.

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