Thursday, 8 September 2016

Drink Shop & Do Bar Review

Drink Shop & Do Bar Review
If these aren't life rules up there, then I don't know what they are

My bestie often jokes that when we're (includes our group of mutual friends, not just us making a Thelma and Louise pact) old, we should buy a giant mansion and live a kind of commune existence. I am well up for the idea of this girly commune (I'm in the "no boys allowed" camp like some sort of walking, talking David & Goliath ambassador) and in my mind I picture this commune to have sections - like an OAP Crystal Maze if you will - with one of the sections like Drink Shop & Do.

Drink Shop & Do Bar Review

Drink Shop & Do is a short walk from King's Cross and the sign - if you quickly read it - would suggest you were about to walk into a village hall judging by the activities advertised. Compounded by the confusion when you first step in and think you've accidentally stumbled into a shop. Step away from the pineapple paraphernalia and head to the back of the store where all becomes clear.

Remember what your primary school classroom was like when it was raining during break-time? When all the really cool craft boxes and board games came out and you got to hang out with your best mates and made stuff? Add cocktails and you basically get Drink Shop & Do. They even have an events timetable and it's as militant as a school calendar but instead of learning about the Romans, you learn how to dance the entire Beyonce single ladies routine, make lego robots or - in the case of when we went that night - make a pinata in the shape of a unicorn...because that is a life skill every person needs.

Vibes smacking of Year 3 classroom chic

Drink Shop & Do Bar Review
Yes please (less of the year 3 classroom vibe down below)
You can't book a table for the workshops unless there's more than 5 of you so because I got there first, I had to hang about like a proper creep, staring at / waiting for people to leave their table to claim one before the pinata making class started. Who knew it would be so popular. I feel like I was amongst my own people at last.

Not so much a class as a "get some drinks in and hope for the best". PVA glue EVERYWHERE.

The food that almost made us miss out on our pinata making kit because they thought we just wanted to eat. Proper yum though

You know what spurs on creative pinata making? Alcohol.

One classy looking drink. One totally random venue (yup that's a plane in the background)

My rose and lychee martini. Where's a tears of joy emoji on a laptop when you need one.

Drink Shop & Do has all the things I love. Cocktails. Quirk. A shop selling sweets and brightly coloured jewellery and things I want to adorn my house with. Signs with innuendos and it's raison d'etre, crafty madness. Go. Like seriously, just go.

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