Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival Review

It might just be me but I think as a country we've recently become a lot more interested in Mexico. Of course I am because I'm going this week (which I may have mentioned several thousand times) but actually I've seen a lot more tourism advertising Mexico as a country to visit, there was the Tequila & Mezcal festival I went to recently in Spitalfield markets and now the Wahaca Day of the Dead festival at the Tobacco Dock in Wapping.

I knew about this because Wahaca were talking about it at the tequila festival and I thought it would be a fun thing to go to in the run up to my trip. So I went to my friend Tasha (you can read about her fabulous life here) on a rather miserable and windy (so windy it broke my awesome pink umbrella) day.

But inside, what life, what colour!

Band playing badass tunes when we first walk in

We sat in on a talk where actor Diego Luna (the Trekkie fan in "The Terminal" trying to win over Zoe Saldana) was on the panel

Musical bingo

We were both starving but decided to do a reconnaissance first just to check we don't have eaters remorse. 

Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival Review
Fish taco and chorizo & potato quesadilla

Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival Review
Guacamole and spiced sweetcorn with cheese and mayo

After we silently and hungrily devoured our dinner, we decided to brave the queue and get some cocktails.

Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival Review
Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival Review
Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival Review

I had a classic margarita but also a smoky one which you could really taste coming from the Mezcal. The smoky one was a little too strong for me but I enjoyed the classic one.

We were both gutted we didn't think to dress up in full gear like a lot of people were. However as we waited in the (long) line to get our drinks, we discussed that for a first year of this festival the ideas were definitely there but it could have done with "more" to accommodate the hoards of people who were there. More bars, more food stalls, more stalls selling items and more places to sit and chill would stop some crazy queues we saw but in general I thought it was well run and definitely got me excited about the impending craziness of Mexico. 

If Wahaca do run this again in the future it's definitely a fun day / night (depending on how much of a party animal you are) with mates or even families...and definitely dress up. 

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