Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn

Some people have a local pub they like to frequent.  Clearly I like to frequent transformed ballrooms surrounded by circus freaks, half naked performers and potent cocktails as this would be the third entry I have written on this blog about The Dark Circus Party.  

I think I need to develop some sort of plan so I can permanently be part of this thing (Bourne and Hollingsworth, Belle EpoqueTorture Garden - seriously if you're reading this I have a number of marketable skills I'm sure you'd be very interested in...actually I don't think any of my skills would be remotely suitable for the Torture Garden upon reflection).  Currently my plan is to learn some sort of circus skill that would make me suitable to be a performer but I suspect my skills would not look too disimilar to this -

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn
On a serious point, I am a hula hoop extraordinaire.  I even have my own hula hoop...and it's pink and sparkly purple!

Because this was a last minute thing - I genuinely struggled to find friends to go with, for some reason going to a party and dressing like a weirdo didn't appeal...I need new friends - I had to work with what I had.  This £7 H&M dress I bought 2 years ago always seems to be pulled out in these situations and somehow a dead ballerina of some variation sort of came about.

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn
Getting face /  body paint on in a consistent manner is harder than I got all lazy and I decided my legs can still look 'alive'

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn
Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn

As I have been so many times, I always know which ones to go for; the Cirque Royale (gin and mint), Rebourne (with gin and elderflower), and the Ring masters poison (rum and cherry).

And also because I've been so many times, I know the pole dancer is usually there so here is my growing collection of photos with her...

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn
Chiqui Love getting progressively more naked every time I see her...

So I love The Dark Circus Party because it has loads of the things I love in life; cocktails, anything to do with the circus, fire eaters, burlesque, pole dancer fancy dress, dancing and a big massive party.  It's a great night out plus it's something a little different.  It's amazing how liberal people get when it comes to fancy dress and the circus.  

...and seriously I'm going to work on some circus skills so I can knock on these guys door and demand a job at the next party.


  1. I love to have cocktail parties in famous bars. I belong to Boston and very frequently I visit those famous Boston restaurants that have awesome cocktail bars in them. I really enjoy there with my close friends.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. It's great trying cocktails in really well known places isn't it. I hope to visit Boston at some point!