Monday, 15 September 2014

Cocktails at Turtle Bay Crawley

Cocktails at Turtle Bay Crawley
Sometimes I think it would be awesome if I worked with my friends.  My friends make me happy and if I'm happy I'd be mega productive right?  Then I'd concluded how quickly my friends would dislike me once they realise how disorganised yet bossy I was.  Thankfully, it's only my colleagues who have to deal with that and I must be OK as a few of us went for dinner at the  Turtle Bay.
Turtle Bay serves Carribean food so jerk chicken, plantain, etc etc.  The decor is chilled out with a kick ass bar in the middle.  The toilet was in a metal container unit which was a little bizarro but definitely added to the character of the place.  I had a jerk chicken which had a kick to it and even the slaw was a little on the fiery.  No one is safe!

Cocktails at Turtle Bay Crawley

I had a Jamaican Mule because I have an unhealthy obsession with ginger beer and this one was home made.  I don't mind this type of kick.

The Turtle Bay was a really nice place for dinner for groups because of the fun nature of the cuisine.  The service was slow as they had only opened 2 weeks before so the staff were getting to grips with things but the cocktail menu was a fun variety of drinks that I would like to try more of. 


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