Sunday, 25 August 2013

Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham

I watched the movie 'Ted' at my friend's house last night and now I want to watch 'Flash Gordon'.  It looks so indescribably cheesy and melodramatic all in one.  They just don't make films like they used to *sighs like an old lady*.

On the topic of old films, payday cocktail club was one of my favourites as it was watching the classic film 'Cocktail'.  This brilliant concept is run by the Rooftop Cinema Club ( and ticks so many of my checklist of requirements it's unreal.  The Rooftop Cinema Club runs at a number of places around London and this particular night was in Peckham at the Bussey Building.   

Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham

How cool is this building?  Unfortunately a cool old building with no immediate mod cons means your legs (and my god I could do with the help) gets a good work out as you make your way up the stairwell to the roof.

Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham

The rooftop gave a wonderful view overlooking London and it's quirky bar and deckchairs for seating makes this one of my most memorable movie watching experience.

Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham

I need to get this on my Pinterest board immediately.  I want my garden to look like this - far easier to look after fake flowers than real ones anyway.

Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham

It was happy hour so I tried the 2 main drinks they were promoting; Rooftop Ting - the bottom one in the photo and no that isn't a typo (rum, grapefruit soda, lychee & bitters) and Raspberry Cooler (vodka, Chambord, lemonade and lime).  Is anyone remotely surprised that I had the Rooftop ting with it's presence of lychee?  Didn't think so.  Liked them both but much preferred the Raspberry Cooler.

Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham Cocktails at the Rooftop Film Club Peckham

Feeling a little light-headed (they were quite strong), it was a glorious feeling to be handed a slanket (now is not the time or place to worry about looking we were only in Peckham after all) and head phones before snuggling (as much as anyone can snuggle in a deck chair) to watch quite possibly one of Tom Cruise' most cheesiest films under the stars (well more like London smog - I'm just glad it wasn't raining).

I part with quoting one of Coughlin's rules - "live on a diet of cocktail and dreams".  I couldn't think of a more magical philosophy to life.


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