Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Hoxton Pony Cocktail Bar Review

I am a very girly girl.  I have over 70 pairs of dresses.  I like pearl necklaces and hairbands.  I love Blair from Gossip Girl, Charlotte from SATC and Kate Middleton.  So when my friends were having a joint birthday bash at the Hoxton Pony, 104 Curtain Road, EC2A 3AH (www.thehoxtonpony.com/), I have to admit I had some concerns about having anything suitable to wear.  I love Shoreditch but I'm not sure it loves me.  It's quirky, alternative and non-traditional.  However I think it's perception from non-Shoreditch people means it's probably being diluted with us tourists anyway as the Shoreditch (Shore-dites?) flee to some other cool part of London.

This would explain why the Hoxton Pony wasn't over flowing with far-out trend setters and I didn't feel too self-conscious with my girly hair and dress and ordering a Vanilla Sky martini.

The Hoxton Pony Cocktail Bar Review

So this cocktail had Belvedere Vodka, vanilla syrup, lemon juice, mint and apple juice served in a very traditional non-quirky martini glass.  I liked this drink.  It was refreshing and the vanilla gave it a different twist to a normal citrus type cocktail.  Whilst good it wasn't anything amazing to write home about (just on this blog will do...).

The Hoxton Pony Cocktail Bar Review

Then I had a Louisiana Jam Jar.  Mainly because it said it was going to be served in a jar and I like a bit of novelty.  Also because anything to do with the south always reminds me of Gone with the wind (note: all time favourite film) and also because it had apricot jam in it, along with Southern Comfort, lemon juice, Orgeat syrup (made from almonds, sugar and rosewater) and apple juice.  I like the idea of apricot in a cocktail and I've never had it.  The drink was nice, I liked it but again I wasn't massively blown away.

The Hoxton Pony was good, music was good.  Cocktails were good and if I go again will try a couple more and I'd like to think I didn't look entirely out of place in Shoreditch.

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