Monday, 3 February 2014

Cocktails at the Dark Circus Party Holborn

The invitations I usually receive in the post are for weddings and christenings (I'll take your look of surprise as a compliment.  Yes; I am at that age where those types of invitations are normal).  So when I received an invitation in the post with tickets to the Dark Circus Party, this made an interesting change to the norm.  Instead of a ceremony and reception, this invitation had the promise of it being "glamourous, provocative and a bit risque", not to mention surreal and subversive.  

The night is made up of performances, cocktails and dancing.  Dark Circus stylee means sword swallowing, burlesque, hula hooping, pole dancing, fire eating, Bourne & Hollingsworth cocktails and fantastic music in the beautiful Bloomsbury Ballroom.  This officially makes it the best party I have ever been to and whilst I loved the prohibition party, this is so much better (#justsaying).

(top left) Vicky Butterfly,(Bottom left and right) Hoop La La Craig

Rebourne was a sweet and innocent mix of elderflower and limes.  Why was I not sitting on a picnic blanket in a beautiful park whilst Zac Efron/Mike Ross from Suits/Ryan Reynolds lovingly poured me out this drink?  Instead I was sitting near a guy wearing a leopard print fur coat and a g string.  As you can imagine, this is not the place to be looking for your future husband.  

Raspberry Collins.  Can't mess with a classic.  And the colour looked slightly more evil so a bit more suited for a dark party.  For feedback, more evil drinks needed!  Brambles.  Dark & Stormy and anything with lychee (OK my personal agenda pushing in there).  I am more than willing to offer my services for the next party including tasting any new cocktail recipes...

With the amazing Chiqui Love - pole dancer extraordinaire

The Dark Circus Party is great if you want a slightly different night out.  And great if you have excellent taste in music.  And great if you love great cocktails.  And great if you like wearing little amounts of clothing...I'm already planning my outfit for the next party.

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