Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cocktails on Butler's Gin barge Hackney Wick

Cocktails on Butler's Gin barge Hackney Wick

So there were not 3 but 13 wo/men in a boat this weekend for my friend's birthday.  Butler's gin originated in the insanely hipster Hackney Wick (if only I had a full beard, a dog and classic denim) and as such welcomed gin lovers to their amusingly named concept "Drunch" to taste their unique blend of gin.  On a barge.  I believe the next phrase should be that overused one.  Standard.

My friend Sam loves a quirk as much as I do and finding something to match her previous birthday celebrations of table tennis at Bounce, roller skating at the Renaissance room in Vauxhall, bowling at All star lane and so on, the old gal concluded that the older we get, the less we really want to move (table tennis is really far more energetic than you first think) and thus drinking gin all afternoon on a barge seemed a good solution.  

For £19.50, you spend 3 hours on a barge that's moored somewhere on River Lee and being plied with Butler's gin.  Whilst initially disappointed that we weren't cruising along the river, you come to realise that being moored has its benefits 1. the barge hasn't got a toilet so unless you want to be creative using the jam jars we were drinking the gin from, it made it easy to nip to the nearby restaurant and 2. as the afternoon goes on and the effects of the gin takes place, you come to notice EVERY movement in the barge so whilst stationary rocking made me a little green, I'm sure it would be noticeable worse if it was on the move.

Cocktails on Butler's Gin barge Hackney Wick

So we were introduced to Butler's gin blend of lemongrass and cardamom - neat.  As much as I do like my gin, I've yet to elevate to the stage where I can fully appreciate gin on its own.  Why do you think I have a blog about cocktails?  Because I like the potent effects of spirits sneakily and beautifully mixed in with a blend of other innocent drinks.  So after we tried it, we then had 3 mixed drinks; a gin and tonic (can't mess with a classic), a variation of a dark and stormy (I think - I was a bit hazy when we were told) with ginger beer and another more fruit mix.  

So that keg above?  Firstly, I need to get one of those in my life.  Also, each drink came in one of those.  3 full kegs of gin and other goodies.  And let me tell you; we had some hardened drinkers in that boat but even we couldn't finish all 3 kegs successfully.  I hang my head in shame.

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