Monday, 18 November 2013

Cocktails at The Dark Circus Party Holborn

In the words of Missy Elliot, I got my freak on this weekend.  Although I guess she meant in some rude, offensive way (I do love her though; I have her greatest hits album) and I meant abnormal events because I went to the Dark Circus Party at the Bloomsbury Ballroom.  I'm going to classify attending this party as necessary research.  Whilst it's a year away, I already have "Circus and Showgirls" as a working theme for my 30th birthday party next year.

Cocktails at The Dark Circus Party Holborn

The Dark Circus Party is organised by fetish nightclub The Torture Gardens (I tried going on their website at work...what was I thinking) and cocktail jaunt Bourne and Hollingsworth and the general premise involves circus acts, burlesque, fancy dress, cocktails and dancing.  So all the components to my raison d'etre.  There was some mild to medium hyperventilation when I read all this.

The dress code was beautifully prescriptive; "Ring Masters, Sideshows, Freaks (go getcha getcha getcha getcha freak on), Queens of the Flying Trapeze, Lion Tamers, Decadent Dandies, Beautiful Ballerinas..." and so on.  I had a dress with a bit of netting et voila - instant ballerina.

Cocktails at The Dark Circus Party Holborn
Me - "Do I look like an evil ballerina?"
My friend - "No"

After initially mistaking the bar as where all the fetish-vities (see what I did there...I really feel like my writing skills is coming along) were happening and quite frankly being quite disappointed, we realised all the freaks were not walking to the smoking area but into the main ballroom where we saw cages, costumes and cocktails.  That's more like it.  

I had a Ringmaster's Poison.  It looked like pure evil.  It looked like it should have been served to be by a haggard old lady with an evil laugh (a proper cackle; not a Nelson Muntz laugh).  However I ain't complaining that it was served by a good looking bartender.  Anyway, who knew rum and cherry actually was a very good match?

We then had the Circus Royal otherwise known as the drink that killed me off.  This drink was utterly delicious and one of the best gin cocktails I've had and FAR TOO EASILY drunk.  This is why we had another 3.  My limit is usually 2 cocktails in one night.  There is a reason for this!!  I think my giddiness at being at the party made me lose my sensibility.

Cocktails at The Dark Circus Party Holborn
The drink that killed me off

The Dark Circus Party was definitely one of the best parties I've ever been to and fantastically organised with amazing acts.  I shall spare details of my downfall because not even that will tarnish the great night I had.  Next time - not too much to drink for the benefit of many, many people.    

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