Monday, 15 July 2013

Cocktails at the Crown Wolverhampton

My philosophy for dressing for events is that is better to over-dress than under-dress.  This philosophy doesn't quite apply to material coverage of which then it's under-dressing over over-dressing.  This was verified when a friend gave me a dress the other week that she no longer wears because it's too short and she thought of me as a suitable recipient.  What can I say, my friends know me so well.

So even when my friend said she booked dinner at a pub local to her, I still packed a fitted (also known as tight) black dress that just about cleared my bum.  However, The Crown (Wergs Road, Wolverhampton,  WV6 9BP isn't a dingey pub on the corner but a very nice country pub of which my dress wasn't entirely out of place amongst the surprisingly good looking and well dressed people of Wolverhampton - I forget you can be good looking and have a funny accent.

Cocktails at the Crown Wolverhampton

I had a chocolate martini (Smirnoff black, Baileys and Crème de Cacao).  These are usually on most cocktail menus but I've never ordered one.  Mostly because there's always something better on the menu that I'd rather try and the cocktail selection here was short and sweet; a combination of classics plus very girly sounding drinks to attract the girls who like posing with cocktails (ahem).  Considering I'm not a massive fan of Baileys it was a good cocktail.  Kind of like a grown up version of chocolate milk.

The Crown had a great Saturday night vibe without being too pretentious because it is a pub after all.  The place was heaving which is great but it took a while to get served and when my friend ordered the 3 different cocktails, the guy behind the bar had given an inaudible - but still spotted - inward sigh.  Making cocktails should be a joy but I guess it's easy for the person who drinks it rather than makes it to say that. 

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