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Evans and Peel Detective Agency Cocktail Bar Review

Evans and Peel Detective Agency Cocktail Bar Review

Pay day cocktail club this month started pretty awesomely.  I had a meeting with an agency who had a view of the Shard from their meeting room, can't even begin to describe how fantastic that was and I ended the day with meeting my friends for pay day cocktail club at the Evans & Peel detective agency, 310c Earl's Court Road, SW5 9AQ (  I found out about this website from but as soon as I saw it, I thought why go with a guy when I could go with the girls.

This place really lives and breaths the proposition of being this detective agency thrown back from the 1920's.  Even making a reservation online, I had to state a case.  I submitted 'I possess a bright pink beret and a trenchcoat (not bright pink) and a suspicious nature especially when it comes to men. Therefore 5 girls are planning to meet up to get to the bottom of why men should be locked up.'.  Case approved!

Once getting through the discreet door and down a dodgy set of stairs, a wonderful scene greets us.  Like the office in 'Who framed Roger Rabbit', a lady at the reception desk gives us a stern look and asks us to state our case.  I had stage fright but having briefed Sam on my submission previously, she luckily took the helm and smoothly explained to the suspicious detective about how we needed to solve the case of why men are so stupid.

This appears to be enough to appease her and whilst I was previously wondering where exactly this bar was, the lady pulls at the book case which was a secret door into a glorious bar.
  Dimply lit, no blaring music and cosy to the point of crowded, it had a fantastically social atmosphere.

Anyway, enough gushing about the bar.  Onto the cocktails!  I tried a Fever Grass.  Lemon grass, ginger, gin and Grand Marnier.  It sounded like a fresh but fiery mix but I'm not sure if I would describe it as either.  The Grand Marnier cut through any of feisty flavours I expected.  Wouldn't try it again. 

I also had a Dark, Bitter & Stormy.  I nearly missed it reading it off our clipboard menu in the candlelit room but I'm glad I spotted it.  The description of it read 'Whilst it sounds like the worst mother-in-law of all time...', which is exactly what I thought previously of the dark and stormy cocktail.  However the bitter was due to the classic recipe with grapefruit added to it and it really made the drink.  I love a dark & stormy anyway but I forgot how much and really enjoyed.  I would have this again and again.

Evans and Peel Detective Agency Cocktail Bar Review

As you can probably tell, I really loved this month's venue for pay day cocktail club.  Due to the positioning of the bar, the only slight I would have is that the selection of cocktails were quite focused on heavy spirits such as whisky and bourbon which is more suited to the grimy detective character but isn't my thing really.  However the gimmick of this place meant that it is still worth recommending and definitely worth the visit.

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