Sunday, 2 June 2013

Red Sky Bar Bangkok Cocktail Bar Review

I like to chase sunsets.  Imagine the movie Twister but instead of a raging tornado it's a pretty pink or golden sky and instead of some speeding 4x4 or whatever car they're driving, it's a Ford Fiesta and instead of some Crocodile Dundee style get-up they're wearing, I'm in my work clothes.  On a serious note though, I am close to my most happiest when I see an amazing sunset.

Pay day cocktail club went international last month with cocktails at the Red Sky bar, Bangkok.  Red Sky bar is a rooftop bar of Centara Grand Hotel on the 55th floor (  To my recollection I think I've only been to one rooftop bar in England which was at the Kensington Roof Gardens but it was in April and it was freezing.

In contrast it was ridiculously hot in Bangkok.  What I sweat in a 90 minute hot yoga class in England I probably achieved the same within 30 minutes in Bangkok.  I can't complain, I did go to Thailand because I wanted some sunshine.  Actually the real reason is that I wanted to go to the Full Moon party - I am not even joking that the basis of this entire holiday and the +10 hour flight was because of a party on the beach.  The best party of my entire life might I add.

Anyway, Bangkok was well before the revelry at Koh Phangnan and I've heard that it was almost mandatory to have drinks on a rooftop bar when in Bangkok.  This is why.

Red Sky Bar Bangkok Cocktail Bar Review

Yes I was besides myself with giddiness at such a view.  Not to mention it was so serene up here and away from the vibrant madness of Bangkok.

I started with a bubbling mango.  Vodka, mango puree, vanilla syrup, fresh ginger and soda.  So good that I guzzled it down and realised afterwards I forgot to take a photo.  It only looked like a glass of mango juice to be perfectly honest.  However when I remember to take the photo of my next drink, I forgot to make a note of what it actually was (I blame the heat, the heat!).

Red Sky Bar Bangkok Cocktail Bar Review

These were then washed down with a few G&Ts (well it was happy hour and these cocktails were London prices so we had to recoup the costs somewhere).  As for the sunset, it was taking it's sweet time, this was what it was still like at 7:30pm -

Red Sky Bar Bangkok Cocktail Bar Review

So we called it quits as we were already running late meeting people for dinner.  After dinner we went for more drinks at the rooftop bar of the Sofitel hotel.  I was reunited with a lychee martini and also tried a watermelon mojito which are not worthy of any photos because I'm still mastering night time shots on my fancy camera but what I will part with is this -

Red Sky Bar Bangkok Cocktail Bar Review

These rooftop bars were incredible and well worth a visit when in Bangkok but in general, Thailand is an incredible country so please, please go...if you have a couple of grand hiding in your sock drawer anyway.


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